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Great skin, great lashes

I can not say enough about Tussanee from Integrity Skin and her AMAZING Eye Lash Extensions. I have not seen such craftsmanship done to absolute perfection until I met Tussanee. Her attention to detail and giving her clients the best job is unsurpassed. I am a professional makeup artists and refer all of my clients to Tussanee for eye lash Extensions. It just doesn't stop at Eye Lashes, Tussanee at Integrity Skin is also a incredible facialist with several different types of facials with additional resurfacing options. Your skin really does "Just Glow" when she is done with you. Your quest for the greatest facial has ended with Tussanee at Integrity Skin.

                                                                                    Anthony Merante

                                                                                    Professional Makeup Artist

Integrity is all for you.  Step into The Little Gem of Pasadena, sparkling with style uniquely its own, where luxe silks mingle with modern Lucite and vintage brocade.  The sounds of running water and the nostalgic 40s punctuate the air with a sense of clean, familiar comfort.  Call it an experience ripe with the glamour of a Paris Apartment – it’s a far cry from the corporate spa and you’ll discover at once that Integrity’s all about connecting with you and nurturing your great looks.

Truly, there is a difference when it comes to personalized skin care.

Tussanee is a licensed aesthetician who brings a tender touch and a wealth
of over 12 years’ experience in medical aesthetics and beauty to Integrity. 
Starting out years ago in the then-emergent Day Spa, she learned to translate

touch into pampering luxury and is fluent in providing her clients with five
star treatments.  Moving from the hospitality of the spa to the clinical
effectiveness of the medical practice, she continued to build her skills
performing medical grade skin care under the direction of board certified
plastic surgeons. 

Desiring to provide the most up-to-date information for her clients, she is pursuing clinical certification from the Rayner Institute.  Staying current of trends, attending workshops and conferences is one way she is able to provide quality information regarding products, procedures, and referrals.  She is well versed with many medical cosmetic procedures, product lines, and various technologies from her combined experience consulting, working for plastic surgeons, and med spas.  Certified with Lavish Lashes as a trainer and a Lash Professional, Tussanee has incredible knack and artistry for creating the lushest looks in natural eyelash beauty safely.  Combining her knowledge of effective skin care, lashes, and penchant for luxury we are pleased to bring you Integrity, a thoroughly unique experience.